Merry Christmas (Late as usual) and Happy New Year

It has been a very busy year for us.  Here is our usual photo gallery of events for your enjoyment.

Klondike Derby with Katy in January

Klondike Derby - Jan 2013 (47)

Family hiking the volcano’s west of Albuquerque in January

Volcano Hike - Jan 2013 (13)Volcano Hike - Jan 2013 (11)

Camping, Hiking, and Climbing with the scouts and Katy in March.                                                            

San Lorenzo Canyon Campout  - Mar 2013 (10)San Lorenzo Canyon Campout  - Mar 2013 (34)

Family Hike in the Mountains during Spring Break.

Spring Break Hike 2012 (2)

Spring Break Hike 2012 (13)Spring Break Hike 2012 (4)Spring Break Hike 2012 (9)

Sheri and Randy backpack for a night in the mountains near Albuquerque in April.

Camping w Sheri (4)Camping w Sheri (13)

Brittany graduates from BYU in April – Amber comes from Rancho Cucamonga and Grandparents from Albuquerque. 

2013-04-25 17.14.522013-04-25 19.34.092013-04-25 18.35.472013-04-25 19.30.282013-04-25 23.15.41

Weekend in Pagosa Springs fishing and hiking in May.

May 2013 Cabin (7)May 2013 Cabin (13)

Scout backpacking trip to Wheeler Peak (12000 feet) in northern New Mexico with Katy in May

Backpack Trip July 2013 (5)Backpack Trip July 2013 (14)Backpack Trip July 2013 (35)Backpack Trip July 2013 (6)

Mom & Dad Warren decided to move in to town from the backside of the mountain.  Dad W and Randy did some major remodeling, including the kitchen.


Kitchen 2Kitchen Cabinets West Replacement (3)Kitchen Cabinets East Replacement (1)Kitchen Finished (1)Kitchen Finished (4)Kitchen Finished (2)Kitchen Finished (3)

Katy at Girls Camp in June.  This year was her four year hike.  Randy was able to join her for a night or two.

Girls Camp - June 2013 (23)Girls Camp - June 2013 (21)Girls Camp - June 2013 (3)Girls Camp - June 2013 (16)Girls Camp - June 2013 (41)


New California King snake from Brittany for Father’s Day


Amber and kids visited before the Knudsen Family Reunion.  Some swimming in the dog pool – lizard catching and book reading.

Amber June Visit (3)Amber June Visit (59)

Amber June Visit (46)Amber Visit 6-2013 (31)

Knudsen Family Reunion in Pagosa Springs in June.  Hiking, Biking, River Rafting, lots of hanging out with family and lots of fun playing games in the evenings and even some hot tubbing.  There was some fishing and a group who took the Silverton train ride. We stayed at a cool lodge with cabins.  We had lots of great homemade foods and a continental breakfast in the mornings.  Great fun.

Knudsen Reunion - RW (324)Knudsen Reunion - RW (24)

Knudsen Reunion - RW (20)

Knudsen Reunion - RW (38)

Knudsen Reunion - RW (74)

Knudsen Reunion - RW (45)

Knudsen Reunion - RW (62)

Knudsen Reunion - RW (107)Knudsen Reunion - RW (133)Knudsen Reunion - RW (150)Knudsen Reunion - RW (152)Knudsen Reunion - RW (155)Knudsen Reunion - RW (183)Knudsen Reunion - RW (197)Knudsen Reunion - RW (204)Knudsen Reunion - RW (205)Knudsen Reunion - RW (207)Knudsen Reunion - RW (264)Knudsen Reunion - RW (283)Photo0066

Katy spends a week with Amber.


We had another very successful garden (broccoli below) and found a banana spider in our kale, like we used to find in Texas.  I also found the same bull snake we have found once every summer for four years. 

WP_000214-A044Annual Bull Snake 2013 (2)

Beverly and some of her kids visited Albuquerque in August.  It was so fun to see them.  More hiking, biking, river rafting, and some gun shooting thanks to Karma and Bob.

Tramway - Sandia Crest (13)Tramway - Sandia Crest (43)P8080426Shooting (2)005013IMG_6265Kim was a Brides Maid for a friendKim Bride's Maid (1)

Another trip to Pagosa Springs in September where we met Brittany and her soon to be fiancé, Jay.  More hiking and biking.

Pagosa Cabin Trip 9-2013 (32)Pagosa Cabin Trip 9-2013 (50)Pagosa Cabin Trip 9-2013 (55)Pagosa Cabin Trip 9-2013 (54)Pagosa Cabin Trip 9-2013 (39)Pagosa Cabin Trip 9-2013 (40)

Randy met some of his Texas buddies in Moab for three days of mountain biking and a day of hiking the Arches.  Andrew (son) met him and later brother, Norman.

Day 1 - Road to Cabin (2)Day 2 - Moab Arches (83)Day 2 - Moab Arches (26)Day 1 - SlickRock (44)

We rode 12 miles of Slick Rock and 28 miles of “The Whole Enchilada” which started at 12000 feet in the mountains and descended 4000 feet to the Colorado River.  It was some of the most treacherous mountain bike riding I’ve done.  Good times.

Day 1 - SlickRock (22)Day 3 - Whole Enchilada (41)Day 3 - Whole Enchilada (25)Day 3 - Whole Enchilada (55)Day 3 - Whole Enchilada (56)Day 4 - SlickRock 2 (10)

Rode Slick Rock again with Andrew (son) and Norman (brother)

Katy and a friend at the Balloon Fiesta, at Battle of the Bands (Flute) and as Indiana Jones for Halloween.

Us at Balloon Fiesta 2013 (10)Katy - Pageant of Bands (18)Katy - Pageant of Bands (5)DSC02094

Jeremy and Laura had a baby girl in October making it three girls – Sheri visited Austin a couple of weeks later.

Jaidyn - Kyndle - LakinIMG_0256

The Warren Family Reunion took place during the week of Thanksgiving.  All of our kids and grandkids visited and all Randy’s brothers and sisters.  We started with a family dinner at Mom & Dad Warren’s.  We played lots of games and basketball. Visited Tent Rocks and went to the trampoline gym.  We had our family Turkey Bowl. We ate Pizza, great Mexican food at Gardunos, and of course Turkey Dinner. Plus we had an early family Christmas.  The cherry was when Brittany received her endowments at the Temple.  Lots of fun and tons of laughing.

D - Sundary Dinner (1)D - Sundary Dinner (8)B - Hanging w Nibargers (7)O- Various Renion Photos (17)C - rwarren family arrives (10)K - Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl (3)G - Trampoline Park (17)G - Trampoline Park (13)G - Trampoline Park (1)Trampoline 2

TrampolineH - Tuesday Night Games (2)O- Various Renion Photos (40)Cousins Dress Up

H - Tuesday Night Games (9)H - Tuesday Night Games (5)Cousins playing gamesC - rwarren family arrives (1)H - Tuesday Night Games (10)I - Wed Tent Rocks (10)Hiking Tent RocksI - Wed Tent Rocks (12)I - Wed Tent Rocks (16)I - Wed Tent Rocks (6)I - Wed Tent Rocks (13)Tent Rocks - Feb 2013 (21)I - Wed Tent Rocks (20)L - Thanksgiving Dinner (11)Thanksgiving DinnerL - Thanksgiving Dinner (12)L - Thanksgiving Dinner (15)M - Xmas in November (8)M - Xmas in November (13)Early ChristmasM - Xmas in November (16)

M - Xmas in November (31)

M - Xmas in November (32)M - Xmas in November (39)M - Xmas in November (43)

Randy, who is NOT collecting gnomes, received 3 new gnomes this year.  A zombie gnome from Dan and Karen Gmyr, a Gnombre from Sandra, and a crocheted gnome from Dani (daughter-in-law).

DSC01915DSC01914M - Brittany Endowments (11)M - Brittany Endowments (7)

Family Pictures


Some snow mountain biking with sister-in-law, Sandra and some ward members.  Andrew and Dani had a baby girl on Dec. 24.

Snow Biking (9)Snow Biking (8)IMG_9408

The day after Christmas we drove to Dallas for Brittany & Jay’s wedding & reception on Saturday.  Thanks to many of our good friends in Texas, and the groom’s family (the Andersons & Greens), the wedding and after wedding lunch and reception turned out great.

028043073066045052Brittany WeddingFAMILY-12

So, as you can see, it has been a very busy and blessed year. Two new grandbabies with another on the way to make a total of seven.  Another child married in the Temple and a new son-in-law. Two family reunions and many other family events.  Sheri and Kimberly continue going to CNM (local community college).  Katy is a sophomore in high school.  We are busy with church callings (Sheri as a Sunday School teacher and Randy as a councilor in Young Men’s & Scoutmaster).  We continue to strive to move forward.  We are so grateful for all of our many friends and family and especially for our Savior and our Heavenly Father.  We hope this finds you in good health and good spirits.  Our love to you.

Randy, Sheri, Kimberly, & Katy Warren



  1. Janae

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Carol Jones-Campbell

    What an awesome family. I know both sets of grandma and grandpa as I don’t know your kids at all. What a wonderful set of experiences and memories you are creating for you family. I treasure the memories I have with my family. Happy New Year and Best Wishes, Carol Jones-Campbell

  3. Doug

    Great stuff Randy. Thank you, Doug

  4. Family friend Rick Precek

    Wow Looks like a pretty cool year from my viewpoint. Thanks for sharing

    Rick & Kathy P

  5. KarAnn

    Thank you for sending this. We love your family and think you are all awesome! It was great to see all of you at the family reunion, and in these pictures you sent.

  6. Luana Billington

    As always, “mahalo” (thanks) for sharing your “ohana” (family) fun and adventure. You and Sherri continue to amaze me. Me Ke Akua (may god bless) you and yours and your ohana as well. Aloha and a Hui Hou (until later, next time). Luana

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