Trek 2012

Sheri, Kimberly, Katy, and I went to Trek at the end of July.  We started out at the Stake Center and drove to our starting spot, Nauvoo (actually about 15 miles west of Magdalena, NM).


There we gathered as families. Ma & Pa Warren (Sheri and I) had 12 kids in our group. We were booted out of Nauvoo by ruffians who took our homes (tents) and burned our Temple down.


Sheri arrived at Trek pregnant.  I was very happy that she had the baby within a mile of leaving Nauvoo because I got my pillow back before it got to yucky.


The first few miles were relatively easy with hard ground. We did have a couple of pretty tough hills to climb. The next few miles were grueling with inch to 3 inch sand. We really labored. In the late afternoon Bro. and Sis. Mortality (or the Freaky Amish People, as my family called them) started lingering around.


A couple of our boys were black banded as sick by Bro. & Sis. Mortality and had to ride in the cart for a mile or so.


We had a very touching vignette in the late afternoon. We watched as the last handcart was pulled near us and the Pa died while pulling. The Ma cried over her husband and then got control of herself after he was carried away and told her daughters that they would have to make it to Zion without him.


The next vignette was the Women’s Pull. Then men had to stand and watch the women pull the cart up a tough sandy draw. It was very hard on the guys to have to watch. It was very hard on the girls, as we were all very tired already from all the sand.


We finally got to camp around 7ish. We were so beat. Then it started raining. For awhile we just hunkered around the cart with a tarp over us.


Eventually we put a tarp down and laid our equipment and stuff on it and put another tarp over it.  We had enough time to get dinner made in between a couple of downpours.  A bunch of the other families wore ponchos and ate in the rain.  We all got under the tarp and just chilled out while eating.  We did our devotional and then the rain stopped and we setup sleeping arrangements.  The boys slept about 200 feet away from the girls on a tarp.


I felt pretty good Friday morning until I started pulling again.  The sleeping arrangements were negligible.  I spent part of my night waking up trying to work my body around pods of grass in the sand.


We started the day pulling the cart up a half mile or so of very sandy hill. After a couple of hours of pulling we stopped for our postponed fireside from the previous night by Pres. Cutler. A bit further down the trail we stopped for lunch where we ran in to Willard Richard on his way to Zion.


We traveled another 4 miles to camp.  We were just as tired as Thursday night.  I laid down a tarp and everyone crashed on the tarp for 30 minutes before we set up camp and got dinner made. Dinner was soup with ground venison and vegetables.  It was delicious.  A “hunter” came in to camp and gave us his extra meat.  After dinner there was a dance.  When we got to camp none of the kids wanted to go to the dance but all of them seemed to have fun.


Sheri noticed the baby was gone and asked where he was and was told that Jordan took the baby to the dance, where he danced with a hot baby girl.


Saturday morning a few of the Ma’s and Pa’s died.  Our kids started discussing taking out Bro. & Sis. Mortality and freeing all the spirits.  There was also a major break out of cholera and every handcart had 1-3 sick people riding on the cart for the first mile. Then we had a mass funeral.  After the funeral each family had a testimony meeting.


After the testimony meeting everyone hightailed it to Zion, with a stop for a company and family pictures.


The Spirit Cart and Bro. & Sis. Mortality.  Toward the end of the trail there were a few families struggling, so the people from the spirit cart went behind to help those carts make it up the hills.


Zion at last and delicious pulled pork sandwiches.


Participant from North Valley Ward.



  1. Brother Norman

    Great pictures. I like the temple. Wish I were there.

  2. Brother Norman

    I’ll add one more thought. As parents -and not being there, our testimonies grew as we read the required readings in preparation with our children. Here is a snippet from my favorite.
    “And how will we feel as we stand shoulder to shoulder with teh great pioneers of Church history? How will they feel about us? Will they see faith in our footsteps? We are inheritors of a tremendous heritage. Now it is our privilege and responsibility to be part of the Restoration’s continuing drama, and there are great and heroic stories of faith to be written in our day. It will require every bit of our strength, wisdom, and energy to overcome the obstacles that will confront us.” M. Russell Ballard, May Ensign 1997
    When our daughters returned we had a family meeting where I asked them what it would be like if the pioneers were in the living room with us. Can we say that we follow a prophet today as they zealously did? At the word of the prophet they went West into so many unknowns.
    So as parents we are thankful to those pioneers that sacrificed and left a legacy. We are also thankful for those that sacrificed to be at the Trek and work to help the teenagers get a small glimpse of what they experienced. God bless our rising generations.

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