LDS Historical Vacation–From Manhattan to Albuquerque– Sixth Post: Nauvoo

We arrived in Nauvoo in the late afternoon and spent a couple of hours driving around old Nauvoo and touring some of the buildings, graves and sites. 

9-Nauvoo Tour-0389-Nauvoo Tour-064

Joseph and Lucy Smith’s Graves and Joseph’s Smith’s parents graves – Most or much of old Nauvoo is owned and maintained by the LDS Church. There is a chunk of the of Nauvoo owned by the Community of Christ. The graves and several houses and the store is owned & maintained by the Community of Christ church.

9-Nauvoo Visitors Center-0149-Nauvoo Visitors Center-0109-Nauvoo Visitors Center-0129-Nauvoo Visitors Center-0189-Nauvoo Visitors Center-0179-Nauvoo Visitors Center-002

We spent some time in the LDS visitors center, where there was lots of history, pictures, statues and a auditorium where they had a play about Nauvoo.

9-Nauvoo Tour-0779-Nauvoo Tour-0819-Nauvoo Temple (19)

The Nauvoo Pageant started on Tuesday but we had scheduled to be in Kansas City by then. As we traveled to Nauvoo we all independently were thinking that we wished we could stay for the pageant. As it turned out, they were having a dress rehearsal Monday night so we went to our hotel and checked in and ate and had the opportunity to watch the pageant after all. It was very enjoyable.

9-Nauvoo Temple Pageant (7)9-Nauvoo Temple Pageant (28)9-Nauvoo Temple Pageant (32)

Tuesday morning we went back to Nauvoo and took the Wagon Tour.  You ride in a covered wagon all around old Nauvoo and they explain the various locations and sites.  Then we spent a couple of hours going in to many of the buildings.  Each had missionaries who would give history about the buildings and people who lived or worked there.

9-Nauvoo Tour-0029-Nauvoo Tour-0269-Nauvoo Tour-0309-Nauvoo Tour-033

9-Nauvoo Tour-0289-Nauvoo Tour-0299-Nauvoo Tour-025

Nauvoo was real treat.  It’s a great place to take you family.  Lots of interesting history and lots of things to do.  Very enjoyable.


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