LDS Historical Vacation–From Manhattan to Albuquerque– Fifth Post: Chicago–Carthage

We arrived in Chicago in the late afternoon and had no desire to go in to Chicago.  What we did desire was Chicago style pizza – We ate New York style pizza in New York – (more of a thin crust).  On our way in to Chicago I noticed a sign on the side of the road which said, “Swap Obama”.  This was not too surprising as I have seen a lot of similar signs lately while driving.  But as we got closer I realized it said swapOrama.  We laughed so hard about it.

7-Chicago (4)7-Chicago (1)

7-Chicago (3)

From Chicago we went to Carthage.  Carthage had a somber but sacred spirit about it.  There were around 125 men in the mob that came for Joseph Smith.  They stormed the house and went upstairs to this room.  The door was locked so they shot several times through it.  You can see where they shot through the lock on the right.  Hyrum Smith was pushing against the door to keep the mob out and was shot in the face, mortally wounded.  As he fell he said, “I am a dead man”. Joseph saw his brother hit and exclaimed. “Oh dear, brother Hyrum"!. You can see the bullet hole on the middle right quarter panel. 

8-Carthage Jail-001 (52)8-Carthage Jail-001 (44)

John Taylor was hit several times, including a shot at his heart, which was stopped by his pocket watch, showing 5:16. He ended up under the bed.  Joseph Smith went to the window, drawing the fire of the assailants.  He was shot twice and fell out of the window exclaiming, “O Lord, my God!”.  The mob went out to see Joseph Smith. 

8-Carthage Jail-001 (47)8-Carthage Jail-001 (49)8-Carthage Jail-001 (45)

As Willard Richards, who was unharmed, left the room he heard someone say, “Take Me”. Willard took the seriously injured John Taylor in to the next room and put him under a mattress behind these bars in case the mob came back.  But the mob got spooked and dispersed thinking the Mormons were coming for them.  But that never happened. 

8-Carthage Jail-001 (40)8-Carthage Jail-001 (4)8-Carthage Jail-001 (56)


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