LDS Historical Vacation–From Manhattan to Albuquerque– Fourth Post: Niagara and Kirtland

Saturday we left Rochester, NY and drove to Niagara for a quick stop and then on to Kirtland.

5-Niagara (17)5-Niagara (29)5-Niagara (31)5-Niagara (34)

I must let you know, we planned this trip from general location to location but never really determined times, schedules, or specific locations.  We went by the seat of our pants, yet everything we did and every place we went ended up times perfectly.  We arrived in Palmyra in the early evening and were able to visit the sites we wanted with minimal crowds and without any difficulty.  We arrived in Kirtland at 5:00pm just as the Community of Christ closed their visitors center, yet we were able to go in to the Temple with the last tour group who came out of the visitors center.

What was surprising to all of us how different the Kirtland Temple felt from the LDS visitors center.  I felt uncomfortable while listening to the Community of Christ missionary talk about the Kirtland Temple.  it was witnessed to me that not all that he said was historically correct.  When that feeling first came over me Kimberly looked at me with a quizzical look as if she felt the same thing.  The first thing we did in the LDS visitors center was watch a movie about the LDS people in Kirtland.  I immediately felt the spirit come over me while watching the movie.

6-Kirtland Temple (2)6-Whitney Store (2)

Kirtland Temple  -  Newel K. Whitney Store – Room above Newel K. Whitney store where Joseph Smith and family lived – many revelations received in this dining/living room.

6-Whitney Store (3)6-Whitney Store (8)

School of the Prophets room above the Newel K. Whitney store.

School of ProphetsWhitney Store

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed our 3-4 hours in Kirtland.  It was cool to see the Kirtland Temple and see where so many heavenly visitors and Christ appeared to Joseph Smith.  This was really the first place where the LDS people began to congregate as a church and a people.


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