LDS Historical Vacation–From Manhattan to Albuquerque– Third Post: Palmyra

On Friday we left for Palmyra. The country we passed through was beautiful.  Lots of green forests and farms like below.  We passed through Syracuse and stayed in Rochester, NY.


We saw the Palmyra Temple – interesting story told to us by a missionary at the Smith Farm – When they built the Palmyra Temple, Pres. Hinckley thought it would be cool to see the Sacred Grove from the front of the Temple and approached the Palmyra Gov’t folks about cutting the top of a few trees to make it happen.  But when they refused, the trees mysteriously got a bug or something and the tops of the trees had to be cut off.  So you can see the Temple from the Sacred Grove and vice versa.  The other picture is where the Book of Mormon was first published.

4-Palmyra Temple-001 (6)4-Palmyra-001

Sacred Grove

4-Sacred Grove-0044-Sacred Grove-0014-Sacred Grove-0104-Sacred Grove-009

The Smith Farm

4-Smith Farm-0074-Smith Farm-010

The Smith Log Cabin and later Home

4-Smith Log Cabin-0064-Smith Home-001

Room where the plates were hidden several times and then the upstairs room where the Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith

Plates Hidden in fireplace nook4-Smith Log Cabin-003

The Hill Cumorah Pageant was a real treat to watch.  What a great spirit there is around Palmyra with all the things that transpired there.

4-Hill Cumorah Pageant (5)

Jesus Baptized                                          Tree of Life Vision

Abinidi Burned at Stake                                             Samuel the Lamanite

Christ Visiting America

4-Hill Cumorah Pageant (36)

Mormon with the Plates                                          Moroni buries the plates

Joseph Smith receiving the plates


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