LDS Historical Vacation–From Manhattan to Albuquerque– Second Post: A day in Manhattan

We drove to Jamaica NY in the Queens to park and take the Subway in to Manhattan.  We spent about an hour looking for a parking lot before finding a police car.  We were on our way to the location the police directed us for parking when our rental minivan was rear-ended by, surprise, a Jamaican in a van.  Jamaica of Queens has a variety of people living in the area but also a few Jamaican’s, one of whom we met.  Below left is a picture of the sidewalk where we spent a couple of hours.  And surprise, our police were the ones who had given us directions to parking.  They gave us a police escort to the parking garage after we finished the paperwork and stuff from the accident.

010 (3)014 (3)

We finally made it to the subway and Manhattan.  We visited the new Twin Towers, Central Park, FAO Schwartz (the toy store), and walked around parts of Manhattan.

016 (3)025 (3)

FAO Schwartz below

FAO Scwartz toys033 (3)034 (3)036 (3)035 (3)

I had to take these pictures of Zebra’s and Horses for my granddaughters.

037 (3)038 (3)

Central Park

044 (3)048 (3)

I had to stop and get a Reuben Sandwich – it was so good.  We ended resting at this Deli for awhile – rehydration and potty break – Claire took a business call and Katy and I ate half of the Rueben.  She and I ate the other half while traveling the next day.  It was almost as good as a Café Rueben.  I’m with Andrew, why go to a sandwich shop (unless your in NY) when you know you can make a better sandwich anyway.

056 (3)060 (3)066 (3)073 (3)

The subway was quite the experience.  We met a number of people while traveling around.  We also had several people who helped us find our way when trying to figure what subways we needed to take.

074 (2)081 (2)


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