A few recent notes and several notes from last year which I am finally posting.

It’s been months since I posted in my blog.  I figure it’s time for an update. 

The Teemants stopped by and stayed with us in the middle of August on their way home from vacation.  Our first non-family visitors from Texas.  We hope we get a lot more such visitors.  It was really fun to see my buddy, Mason.  A couple of years ago we took him to our Ward Christmas Party while babysitting him (he was 3).  When he arrived at our house, Sheri and the girls had already left to prepare for the party, so he and I hung out for about an hour together playing and stuff.  When we finally left for the party, he suddenly got a quizzing look on his face and asked, “Where are the other Warrens”.  I just cracked up.  I thought it was so funny that he didn’t even realize they weren’t around until that moment.  He had a great time and we had a great time with him.  We got pictures of him with Santa.  It was great fun to have the Teemants over.  We miss all of our friends in Texas.

In January the Warnick boys – Mark, Daniel, and Aaron (son-inllaw) visited us and went skiing.  We had a good time with them.

Our garden has finally died.  We have put a lot of work in to it.  We have the last of our tomatoes to put up and a few remaining green chilis that I’m going to dry out and turn in to homemade chili powder.  We have put a ton of produce up for the winter.  I’m excited to eat it in stews and soups and stuff.  We also put up a ton of green chili.  I made my first batch of green chili stew in about 15 years.  I’m also glad the garden is dead and the grass in the yards has slowed down growing so I can turn my attention to other things.  I know the girls our happy the garden is gone because they no longer have to spend and hour each day pulling weeds.  This was back in October.

Sunday – April 3 – Mom and I finally dug out the beets and carrots we left in the ground through the winter.  I put ten bags of carrots up during conference.  Now the last years garden is totally complete.  I have been rototilling the garden for this years garden.

We had some issues with the five dogs from June through August.  They were fighting a lot and attacked Laska several times.  Maya (the coyote/Husky mix) kept pestering Laska, vying for acceptance in the pack and trying to work her way in and up.  I went online to research how to alleviate the problem and ended up rereading about the dynamics of the pack mentality, which is how huskies operate.  I realized that I was the problem.  As the alpha male I had not taken control of of the pack.  Since two of the dogs are Sandra’s I didn’t feel the need to insert myself as the alpha to them.  I came to realize that the dogs were all somewhat conflicted because they weren’t sure who or what dog was the alpha.  So I started taking control of the pack by feeding the dogs, giving them all commands, walking them separately, and enforcing my will.  Once I did that they all settled down and the infighting ceased.  The past couple of months have been relatively quiet in regards to the dogs and their in pack positioning.  Sandra recently took Maya to stay with Jeremy (her boyfriend), who has a lone Husky.  Husky require companionship, either with humans or other dogs.  When left alone they get in to trouble.  Maya is doing really well with Jeremy’s dog and will likely stay there.

Current update on the dogs is – Maya lives with Jeremy (Sandra’s boyfriend) and we put up Sandra’s fence last November so she has her dogs at her house.  Now and then she drops off Chinook and Scout and the four dogs hang out together. 

One of my teenage buddies came in to town in September, Johnny (John) Hawk.  We spent some time with he and his parents.  It was a lot of fun to see him.  We played a lot of sports together as teenagers.  He was our shortstop on our softball team.  He would pick up grounders and wait until the last second to throw out the runner – it always drove our coach crazy.  He was also one of the guys who I went fire extinguishing with.  Poor Norman got sprayed with water so many times while walking home from school that he would watch out for my car so he could run up to someone’s porch so we couldn’t spray him.  Johnny stole a big fire extinguisher from the school and gave it to me after a couple of weeks of using it because he felt so guilty about it.  I didn’t feel guilty so I readily accepted it.  To his credit he admitted to the theft before he left on his mission and paid for it.  I’m so glad I’ve kept up with him over the years.

I haven’t been mountain biking as much lately, mainly because I’ve been playing basketball on Saturday mornings which is my usual mountain biking time.  But I’ve made a bunch of new friends in the stake by playing basketball on Saturday mornings.  Now I’m playing on Thursday nights so I may transition to bike riding Saturday.  Jeremy, Sandra, and I went up to the ski resort on the backside of the mountain and rode the ski lifts up to the top with our bikes and then rode down.  It was great fun.  However, at one point we lost Sandra and backtracked back up the mountain about a mile or so and decided we had missed her and finished riding down the mountain.  Of course we found her at the bottom waiting for us.          

Norman came in to town at the beginning of January for a quick four day visit so he and I went biking up in the foothills.  It was a lot of fun.  A couple of weeks later Jeremy (Sandra’s boyfriend) and I road about 12 miles up in the foothills. 

Amber and Jacob came and visited us in October.  It was great fun.  Mom and I love to see our grandkids.  Kyla was so fun.  We played a lot of Settler of Catan.  While they were here we had Katy’s birthday party with grandparents, went to the monthly Knudsen Sunday dinner, and went to the zoo on Monday.  Mom has had a great time in Austin this weekend playing with Jaidyn and hanging out with Jeremy and family.  We love to see our grandkids and our kids.

We were invited to the Halloween scavenger hunt and subsequent haunted house at the Manning’s (my boss).  I dressed up as a chainsaw murderer.  It was great fun scarring a bunch of teenagers.  I love it.  Mom and the girls had a good time also, even though they did not want to go.  I kept hearing, “I don’t know anyone”, etc.  We also attended our Ward’s Trunk or Treat.  We brought the snake, which was a huge hit.  There’s something about snakes that freaks people out or draws curiosity. Mom and the girls were asylum escapees and I was the attendant who had to catch them.

I had to go to IOLS training which is scout outdoor training.  I wasn’t very interested in going but had a very good time.  We were all put in to patrols (there was about 75 people) for camping and stuff.  One of my old friends from when we live in Abq  18 years ago was there.   All in all it was a lot better than I expected.

I found an inexpensive but very nice motel in Albuquerque for our anniversary celebration.  Of course we got a call from Brittany during that time.  We had an enjoyable evening together with dinner and stuff.  We found a nice diner in the morning for breakfast and then visited the Utility Shack where you can buy inexpensive Indian jewelry.  We purchased some cool weddings bands.  We’ve been wanting to get some since Mom’s wedding ring was stolen when our house was broken in to a few years back.  It was a very nice – we’ve been unable to celebrate our anniversary like that in a long time.  Last year we ate at Taco Cabana for our anniversary – pretty pathetic, haha.

I had a spiritual epiphany a few weeks back.  I was pondering about how well you kids are doing (not that you don’t have issues and problems).  All in all, you are all doing pretty well.  Brittany and Andrew have had the money they need for school.  Jeremy is employed in a company that continues to grow.  Amber and Jacob were able to graduate from school and Jacob found a good job.  Amber and Laura are stay at home mom’s – a huge blessing in this day and time.  Andrew found a good mate – a miracle unto itself (heehee). While I was pondering all of this I received the impression that one of the reasons (I’m sure there are many others, such as your righteousness and good decisions) why you all are doing well is because of our service and obedience through the Café years. I believe we are receiving residual blessings because of our obedience during that time.  During Mom’s blessing from George three years ago she was told that she would receive unforeseen blessings because of her love and service to others.

The other day I walked by the snake cage and realized the snake was hungry.   When Larisa went to Sweden she left us two things – the now lost in our house cool California King snake which we hope to find now that it is warming up, and a bag full of frozen mice which can be pealed apart and thawed for the snake to eat.  We call them micecicles.  I’m too impatient to wait for thawing so I have microwaved them a few times.  But it leaves a somewhat sickening smell of semi cooked meat.  I microwaved a couple mice a week ago or so and then told Mom about it on the phone.  Her co-workers were listening to her tell me that she really didn’t want micecicles thawed in the microwave.  When she got off they asked her what a micecicle was and what I was doing with them.  You can guess they were somewhat appalled at how I was using the microwave. heehee.

It’s been warm enough for Mom to work in the yard.  She’s just like Grandpa K.  She loves to putter around the yard.  She planted daffodils last fall because she knows I love them.  They are out now… at least for a 3 or 4 weeks.  That’s about how long they bloom.  I cleaned out both the inside and outside areas of the shed and moved the bikes in to the inside part of the shed and Mom, Kim, and I moved our 600 gallons of water under the shed.  Grandpa K let me use his “Temple doors” as a wall in part of the shed to protect my water drums.  The “Temple Door” were procured by Grandpa K during the construction of the Temple when they ordered too many doors and were going to toss them.  Grandpa asked if he could have them and so they’ve been sitting under the shed for ten years.  Now I have a great use for them.

I’ve also been cleaning and organizing the back yard, cutting wood and piling it up.  It’s starting to look good back there.  So glad spring is here.



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