Cone of Shame – Carnal Squash Bugs – Sushi – Katy head problems – Kim drivers ed – Dinners and Garden – Andrew Wedding

A few weeks ago Laska (our Husky) and Maya (Husky Coyote mix) got in to a fight.  Maya is trying to work her way in to the pack.  I’ve done some reading since then about how to train them so they won’t fight.  Anyway, Laska ended up with a nasty cut below her eye so I super-glued it shut and let it heal.  Worked like a charm.  I made a homemade cone using an ice cream bucket.  What’s funny is Laska moped around for two days until we took off the ice cream bucket.  It really was a cone of shame to her.

I’ve spent the past few weeks religiously preening my zucchini and squash plants from squash bugs.  I have found tons of fornicating bugs in preparation for egg laying so I’ve been telling Sheri how many bugs I’ve killed and how many carnal squash bugs there were.  I take great joy in killing them because they’ve already killed 4 of my plants (2 squash and 2 zucchini).

Sheri and I had Sushi for the first time.  It wasn’t bad.  We went out with Sandra (Sheri’s sister) and her friend Jeremy. Considering how often (or really not so often) we go out I think I would prefer to get a steak or Mexican food.  If we went out more often I could see myself doing occasional sushi.

We should have been driving with Kimberly through out all of last year and she would have her drivers license.  We were so busy preparing the house and everything else so we could move we just didn’t get it done.  Now we are paying the consequences.  Not only does she not have her license yet, we had to pay for drivers ed, which she just completed.  Now we have 6 months of driving of with her so she can get her license. 

Kimberly went to Youth Conference a couple of weeks ago.  We chaperoned a fair amount of the conference.  It was very well done and Kimberly really enjoyed it.  We were able to see several old friends at the conference.

Kimberly and Katy have been playing volleyball with Karen (another Sheri sister) once a week this summer.  It has been good for them.  Although Katy complains about she keeps getting hit in the head with the ball.  We explained that if you move your feet and watch, the ball won’t hit you in the head.  This past weekend we played softball in our stake.  Katy hit one ball that bumped her in the head.  We’ve decided that her head is a magnet for balls.

Both Kim and Katy are starting to cook dinners.  Katy made pizza one night and Kimberly made burritos with rice and beans and stuff.  They’ve been a great help to us this summer with our large garden.  They weed the garden for one hour on most days (with some compelling). Our garden is producing more stuff than we know what to do with so we give some of it away.  We have put up chili’s, squash, zucchini, broccoli, beets, and bell peppers. 

We went to Texas in July for Andrew’s marriage to Dani in the Dallas Temple.  It was so great to see many of our good friends.  Thanks to the immense help of Mark and Sherri Warnick everything came together.  We had the Groom’s dinner at their house Wed. evening.  Thursday we had the wedding – pictures – late lunch/dinner with the families – and the reception.  Friday we had a brunch with Dani’s delightful family while the newlyweds opened presents. Everything went off great.  Lots of work but that is to be expected. 

The following week we went to Utah – the girls stayed with Amber while Sheri and I were in Park City for a Beehive Homes Assisted Living conference.  Sheri and I went to the new (well old now) conference center and also watched the Joseph Smith movie.  We were able to squeeze in a bit of hiking in the mountains while we were there.  For Pioneer Day we had a picnic at Allen’s house (Amber and Jacob’s previous home) with out kids and other friends and family.  It was great fun.


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