Fishing – Snakes – Cabin – Garage Door – Ticket on the Reservation – Chinook on the prowl- MVD Whoas

We visited the cabin a few weeks back.  What started as Sheri, I and the kids, plus Sandra ended up…. Sheri, I and the kids, plus Sandra, plus Troy (a biking friend of Sandra), plus Amber, Jacob, and Kyla; plus Grandpa and Grandma W (who had the sense to stay in town in a hotel); plus seven dogs.  Quite the contingent.  It was a lot of fun with everyone.  While there Chinook found a fawn to snack on.  That dog is definitely is not a vegan.  Before we left for Pagosa the dog got out and came home with a package of bacon.  I wonder who is missing bacon.

On our way home I got side tracked on the wrong road and got a ticket from a reservation police in speed trap (they drop the speed limit down ten miles for no reason).  The reason I got side tracked was because Sandra called (she had left Pagosa Springs before us) to let us know the garage door to our house was open when she arrived to drop off her bikes.  The garage door had been open all weekend.  Luckily nothing was stolen in or out of the house.

Katy started bugging me about fishing shortly after we got to the cabin.  I pushed her off for a day or so, but finally set out on a worm hunting expedition on Saturday morning.  After more than an hour of digging in various places we had a grand total of 2 scrawny worms barely worth a second look from a fish, and a grasshopper that crossed our path. We quickly used our, but we got a good hit from a fish with our grasshopper.  So we started grasshopper hunting with Amber, Katy, Sheri, and I all catching grasshoppers, or trying to catch Grasshopper for well over 45 minutes.  When we started fishing this time we were able to snag that fish.  I was helping Katy hook it and pull it out of the water.  We gave it a jerk and it popped right out of the water, grazed Katy’s head, and went on to the bank.  Katy kept saying, “the fish hit me in the head”.

We recently purchased a Honda CRV which I proceeded to get titled and licensed at the MVD.  In New Mexico there are state run MVD offices and MVD Express, which are privately run offices where you pay 25.00 more per major transaction.  I was able to walk in to the MVD Express and get my registration and title in 30 minutes.  I went to the state run MVD to register and title our Civic and get a New Mexico drivers license.  It took me six trips to finally get it done.  On my first visit to the MVD (during lunch on a Friday) I took a number and waited thirty minutes with another 150 people before I noticed a sign stating they only take checks and cash – no debit cards.  I went back two hours later thinking there would be fewer people with the lunch crowd gone but there were twice as many (Monday sounded much better).  I arrived on Monday to find the computers were down statewide (no wonder there were so few people in line).  Monday afternoon I got in quick and was told I needed more forms, one needing Sheri’s signature.  Tuesday I got in after a thirty minute wait just to be told I needed more forms.  After a quick trip to the bank I got back in the queue again where I told I still needed proof of residency.  After a quick call to my insurance company for a form showing proof of residence and faxed to MVD, I waited 45 minutes until they found the fax.  I finally had all the right forms and quickly (not really) got my drivers license and registration and title.  However, I made four trips to the camera for my drivers license picture for various reasons – mixed up name – lost picture – wrong social – I guess my ugly mug kept getting lost in computer-space. 

While working in the garden I noticed the dogs surrounding a bush and barking like crazy.  This went on for several minutes before I realized they had cornered something.  When I went to investigate I found a 2 foot bull snake hissing for all it’s worth.  The funny thing is those dogs would not get within two feet of it.  It was a nice mellow snake once I got it out from behind the bush and un-cornered from the dogs.  I find it odd that the dog that takes down baby fawns and steals packages of bacon won’t mess with a harmless but very mad mid-size bull snake.


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  1. Amber

    Haha, I was there for the last and final trip to the MVD. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

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