Haircut with my homies – gardening – Ginger – Grandpa K & Cake – My water-logged phone & other stories.

I figure it’s about time to write an update for the past couple of months.  So many stories so little time.  I guess I’ll start on haircut with my homies.

A couple of months ago I was looking for a reasonably priced place to get my haircut (not Supercuts).  I saw one called Cruz Kutz and had Mom pull over on our way to somewhere so I could get some information.  I went in and found a several Hispanic barbers and a variety of people in line (mostly Hispanic).  After inquiring about price (a reasonable $10.00) I joking asked if they did White Boys.  That got a laugh and one barber responded “nope just Hispanics and Blacks”.  I got my haircut there the following week with one barber present.  He asked me if I was the guy who asked about “white boy haircuts” and told me they laughed about it after I left.  I got another haircut this week with 3 Hispanic barbers and a mess of Hispanic patrons and a couple of guys hanging out.  They do good work.

I have finally settled in with my new phone.  I’ve got it all nice and setup the way I like to use it.  The reason I have a new phone is because I was watering my garden when it overflowed.  I ran in to get it under control.  Twenty minutes later I realized my phone was no longer dangling from my pants loop.  I finally found it in a garden row 4 inches under water.  I was able to get it to work again, but not correctly (battery won’t charge and touch screen won’t work) so my phone is a “brick”, the term for a phone which no longer works for some reason or another.

The family has enjoyed, to various levels, doing the garden.  We are amazed that we actually have stuff growing.  We even have several tomato and green chili plants that have survived a major freeze, although they are a bit stunted in growth – we expect that to change in the next couple of weeks or so.  We have weeded like crazy and finally got the weed count down – also grass.  But after a nearly two week period of no weeding (due to girls camp preparation) we came home to find a whole new onslaught of weeds.  I turned the girls loose on the weeds, more like prodded.  Plus Mom and I have weeded a bunch too.  I finally rained down weed killer like a Texas shower and I’m hoping for mass destruction and death. 

We had Ginger for a week while Grandpa and Grandma W were babysitting Norman’s kids while they went to Chanel’s wedding in Vegas.  We had a lot of fun with that goofy dog.  When ever we went to weed or garden we took here with us.  She seemed to enjoy hanging out in the garden but she would get hot after awhile a search for a cool area.  One time we found her laying in a garden row in the water just chillin.  One time we had her out there the girls were weeding so she would lay down in the row in Katy’s shade – when Katy would move a few inches over Ginger would crawl back in to the Katy shade.  This went on for about 45 minutes.  It was so funny.  Ginger also for a lizard in the garden to chase until it left the garden. 

Grandpa K is funny.  We enjoy random visits about once a week or so.  He comes down and does a little weeding or mows some lawn or mows Sandra’s lawn.  There always stuff to do here.  A few weeks ago he came and was chopping some weeds by the east gate and bent down to pick them up and Schnook, who had been hanging about, saw his chance and jumped over Grandpa for a clean getaway.  We have long since given up on chasing the dog because it then becomes a game and you never catch the dog.  Eventually the dog comes back.  Grandpa said his goodbyes after puttering around for a couple of hours and left.  Thirty minutes later I thought I heard his truck and sure enough he was back and so was Schnook.  He had found the dog along 4th St. and brought him home.  What’s funny is Grandpa came in and said something about forgetting to get some cake.  Karen had left the remainder of a cake the previous Sunday and had mentioned to Grandpa that he should get some when down visiting.  So he promptly measure a nice large piece and put it in a container.  Then he looked at the cake a minute and said something about maybe he should have a piece now.  So he and I and Kimberly had a nice piece of cake at 3:00pm in the afternoon.

We occasionally go shopping as a family on Saturday.  On one particular Saturday Mom was stopping all over the place, including Hobby Lobby (previously, not one of my favorites).  Mom, knowing my distaste of long shopping trips and Hobby Lobby, suggested I stay home or do something else.  I assured her I would be okay since I was taking my music filled cell phone and wireless headset.  We went to Hobby Lobby first.  I was bored at first but kept wandering around until I found the chimes…. and they were on sale.  I found a nice set of Vietnamese wooden chimes with a real cool sound to them.  I convinced Mother I was going to buy them.  Then I found something equally as cool – Gnomes.  I couldn’t convince her that we needed a Gnome in the front ivy area.  Since then it has become a running joke … well sort of a joke… I really do want to get a gnome.  They are cool.  Mom swears she’s not going to take me to Hobby Lobby again.  Well see!!

We get little visits from Valerie and Gabriel every week or so, and occasionally babysit them.  I’ve taken to calling Valerie, Fred.  She always says, “I’m not Fred, I’ve Valerie”.  Then one time I was playing with her and said, “Who are you?”, she responded saying, “I’m Valerie, and sometimes Fred”.  Now she and Gabriel call me “Uncle Fred”.  Often Valerie arrives as something (a pretend something), a monster, a dinosaur, usually some breed of dinosaur you’ve never heard of.    She has quite the imagination.

We had Valerie’s birthday party at the house here.  One of the games was a quasi version of the Quinn’s balloon game.  We let Valeria and Gabriel pop balloons by sitting on them, however, it didn’t really work that way.  They couldn’t pop them because they are too light.  So we forcefully tried bouncing them on the balloons, but that didn’t work either.  So Gabriel picked up Grandpa K’s leg and dropped it on a balloon.  That worked.  So they popped a few with the help of Grandpa K.  It was all very funnny.

Katy had two or three days off of school during a time when I was going to be gone and Mom was working so she got to stay at Grandpa and Grandma W’s for a couple of days.  From what I hear she had a very good time but also did some good work for Grandma. 

Girls camp went very well.  We had eight girls from our Ward.  The first time in years that our Ward had more than one girl at girls camp.  So we actually went as a Ward, versus with another Ward.  The girls seemed to bond together during camp.  Mom and I hope it sticks some.  Mom is doing a very good job as Young Women’s President.  Mom and I went on the 7 mile second years hike.  I was asked to go as the Priesthood for the hike.  It was fun.

Our kitchen fridge isn’t cooling like it should.  Fortunately we didn’t sell ours from Texas.  The only problems are that it is too big to bring in to the kitchen so we have to go out to the garage for all of our cold stuff.  It makes it easier not to eat as much. 

Every time I think the Census is coming to end they find more work for us.  It has slowed down a lot but I still have my Census stuff waiting for more work.  There are only a handful of us left (they have kept on their most productive census workers). 

I finally started mountain biking again.  I found a really cool trail along the Rio Grande.  Not quite as aggressive as I like but I don’t have to drive to get to the trail – I just ride my bike to it. 

We purchased a used Total Gym (the one Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley) a few weeks ago.  When we bought is Mom said she might use, and Kim said she would use it, and Katy said she would use it So far I’ve used it and Katy has.  In fact, Katy uses it daily and keeps telling me she’s going to have a six pack. She informs me that girls can have six packs too. heehee.


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  1. Jacob

    I am telling you dad P 90x. Workout with Tony!

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