Family Update

It looks like the house is going to close on April 20th.  We are holding our breath since we’ve been back and forth with the buyer about closing dates and such.  We are excited for all of you kids to converge on Albuquerque a couple of days later.  We will miss Jacob.

We’ve been doing a lot of work around the house.  Mom and Grandpa K did some major trimming of the rose bushes a few weeks ago.  Grandpa and I pulled out a tree and cut one of the apple branches down. A few days later he and I loaded up the his truck and he took them to the dump.

Last weekend Mom and I pulled out a rose bush and all of the junipers and Mom clipped more of the rose bushes.  Tuesday Grandpa came again and we loaded up the truck with more stuff.  While he was here he was digging up weeds with his shovel in front of the fence gate and bent down to pick up some weeds and Schnook jump right over him and escaped for a couple of hours.

This weekend we planted the garden.  Kim and Katy have enjoyed working with us in the garden.  We have high hopes for lots of veggies this summer.

Mom was promoted a couple of weeks ago.  I know they really like her there at the pharmacy.  I’ve been putting a lot of hours in getting this website ready for Beehive Homes.  This week I’m responsible for an hour and half presentation on marketing and sales and stuff.  I hope to have the bulk of the website ready for that presentation.


Mom and I visited Punky and Joe in the hospital a couple of weeks ago.  Punky had her other knee replaced.  She was in a lot of pain when we got there.  They gave her some medication which seemed to help.  It was really good to see them.

I am getting an additional calling today in church – scoutmaster.  It will be okay.  Mom has been gearing up for girls camp in June.  It looks like I may be going for a couple of days as well.

We had a really nice Easter weekend.  We had Grandpa and Grandma W down for dinner, and also the Karen and Dan and the kids, and Sandra.  They came over Saturday as well, and we did Easter eggs with the kids.  It was funny to watch Gabriel and Valerie hunting Easter eggs.  Every time Valerie found one she would exclaim, “a Easter egg” with the same surprise and delight.  Of course I video’d it so Ill put it online at some point.  Kim and Katy helped the two kids find eggs.  Then it was our turn to find eggs, but Gabriel kept finding the eggs he had hidden for us.  That was funny.

We really enjoyed watching and listening to conference.  Grandpa W and I met at one of the stake centers here for Priesthood and watched it together.


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  1. I am being left home alone!! Wo is me!

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