Dog Issues – Trip to Texas – Answers to Prayer – Kim at New Years Dance

About four weeks ago we looked out the window when we got up and saw a large lump in the grass.  The dogs had killed a large raccoon.  When I tried to get the raccoon Schnook took offense and growled at me.  After fending Schnook off a couple of times I was able to grab the raccoon and head to the garden to bury it.  However I quickly found myself in a tug of war with that stupid dog.  I finally got Schnook to let go and was able to bury the coon.

About a week later Schnook got loose to wander the neighborhood.  He came back about an hour later with a nice piece of meat hanging from his mouth.  I wondered about where he got it.  We found out a few days later when one of our friends jogged down our street.  She was jogging by a house when a lady asked if she knows anyone who owns a Husky.  After answering “no” the lady told her a husky had taken her dinner a couple of nights back.  All we can figure is this lady was getting ready to grill a steak or something and Schnook shanked her steak.

Then last Monday while I was in Texas Mom called and told me that a skunk had let loose real close to the house.  She said it smelled awful.  While talking to me on the phone she went outside and started cursing the dogs.  Under the trampoline was the skunk – dead.  The dogs have reeked of skunk for days now.  Fortunately the smell hasn’t lingered in or out of the house for long.  Of course Mom, with her ultra keen sense of smell, can still smell it in places.  Katy washed the dogs yesterday so they are smelling somewhat better.  I told Sandra if I find anymore dead animals, especially skunks, in the backyard she will find her dogs tethered to a tree at her house, joking of course. 

Kim and I had an outstanding trip to Texas.  Truly an answer to prayer.  I was able to sell the LED sign to a business owner in Tucumcari on our way to Arlington.  Once in Arlington I was able to sell the Acura, sell and move the Piano thanks to the help of some good friends, clear out the house and garage, and visit friends & family.  Quite a productive weekend.  Before I left I had signed the papers on a contract on the house.

A quick note about that.  Mom had been praying about the timing for us selling the house.  We’ve considered renting and such.  A few weeks ago she felt impressed that the house would sell once I got a job.  She told me about her impression. When Sheri told me she didn’t think I put much stock in it.  But it was an answer to her prayers not mine so I didn’t receive those impressions.  But her answer to prayer came to pass because the week I started working for Beehive as a consultant we got the offer on the house.  Now we’ll see if it goes through.

One more quick story.  Mom and I went to the New Years Dance with Kimberly.  The first part of the dance was really hard on Kim and Mom.  Kim tried to meet some people and kind of stuck herself in to some groups without success.  It was very difficult on Mom as it reminded her how she felt at some of her dances when she was young.  Kim and Mom wanted to leave but I told them we needed to stay a little bit longer.  Shortly thereafter one of my young men, Joey, kind of took Kimberly under his wing and started introducing Kim to people.  She ended up having a great second half of the dance, having met a number of new people.  All from one guy including her in his group.  I’ll be forever grateful to Joey for that.  Ever since then Kimberly has been making friends and feeling somewhat better about Albuquerque, all because of the small actions of one boy.


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  1. Amber

    I’m really glad that you are posting “mundane” stuff like this on this blog because this is what I miss about not getting an email every week.

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