My online means of walking around the block with you.

When Mom and I got married and discussed having kids we both agreed we wanted five or six kids. My only stipulation was to have them fairly consecutively, if possible. Naturally, we had Jeremy nine months after our wedding. I figured even with six kids we would still be relatively young when you all left the house. Now, with four of you gone and two girls remaining, we’ve determined your leaving too fast. We realized this when Amber left home. Now, I really don’t want the last ones to leave. This doesn’t fit with how we raised you. We want you to grow up and be responsible adults, to attend college and find good spouses and start your own families. This brings me to a part of my purpose for this blog.


I’ve never been one to spend much time second-guessing myself, but with you kids started leaving home I started wondering if we taught you all that we wanted. Did we get the message across? It’s hard enough being a parent. You don’t get many chances. You learn on the job. No parenting school. No manual. Maybe a few books to help, but if once you’re a parent you realize the books aren’t much help and they go out the window. Kids don’t follow the books. Somehow they come in to this world with their own unique personalities and idiosyncrasies. Then to intensify the problem each one of you is different. So even if you do have a line on one kid the next one will blow that all away. You have to learn how to deal with each kid individually. With this said, there are many common things kids need to learn. Those are the things I hope to write down. The things most important to know and do in life with the hope that if we did miss something maybe I will cover it here.


So my purpose for this blog is two-fold. One to provide a venue for me to write down those things I find most important in life with the hope that they might be beneficial to you and your families as your start raising your kids. And my other purpose is to provide a way for us to have some dialog about life and spiritual things like when we used to take walks around the block together.

I want this to be an open forum so you can add your thoughts and ideas. I have a number of topics I plan on writing about but we can add more if you have topics you’re interested in. So hopefully within a few days I will put down my first entry. I expect to keep them relatively short and sweet.


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  1. This is a great idea Dad. I’m really excited that you are finally starting this. I know you had been talking about it for a while. Maybe one of your first posts should be just a brief background of walks around the block, just in case anyone who follows this doesn’t know what that means. I can’t wait for our technological walks around the block! Love ya!

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